Phillip Caudell

Phillip Caudell in a coat grinning like an idiot.

Maker of digital products and businesses.

I'm currently at Founders Factory, a multi-sector incubator and accelerator backed by some of the world's biggest corporates. As Head of Product Concepts, I lead a nimble team of designers, engineers and product thinkers to rapidly prototype the next big thing.

Previously I was heading up product at 3 SIDED CUBE — an app development studio — for nearly 7 years. Seeing the company go from 3 people to 30 meant I was unusually hands on in all areas of the business. I was a developer, designer, creative director, a presenter, and everything in between.

Most out of school go straight to University, but with the explosion of mobile apps in 2009, and no courses yet available that married app design and computer science, I paved my own way by entering industry.

Phillip Caudell