Phillip Caudell

Transporter 1.0 Now Available

3 or so years ago I had an idea for a bus app. The premise was simple: open it, and without the need to do or select anything, it would display nearby stops and departures.

Today Transporter does exactly that.

Earlier in the year I showed off a prototype of Transporter (and even open sourced it). At the time I explained the troubles and complexities of working with UK bus data. Sadly things haven’t improved much, which means some features haven’t made it to 1.0.

To get Transporter off the ground I’ve partnered with Transport API who are providing bus departure times. It’s my hope going forward we see more functionality added to the API, and in turn, Transporter.

You can download Transporter now from the App Store for just £2.99. There’s also an Apple Watch companion app. Expect lots of updates to Transporter.

Happy bussing.

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